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Chairman's Letter

Our aim is to make our boots the most durable yet comfortable footwear at affordable prices. We are committed to using technological innovations to produce superior products that serve the demanding needs of our customers. To that end, our boots have been designed from the inside out for protection, comfort and durability.

Our boots are made with premium materials, skillfully assembled by experienced and dedicated people to satisfy the most discerning users - professionals who depend on their footwear to deliver protection, comfort and durability over time. We use only dual density rubber sole for our boots as dual density rubber is an ideal soling material for defence, fire-fighting and heavy-duty footwear.

We provide customers with high-quality "Made in Singapore" products at competitive prices. With the implementation of Free Trade Agreements between Singapore and a number of participating countries, our boots enjoy preferential or zero duties in the participating countries.

We want you to wear our boots so we have made the purchasing process as easy as possible. You can order our products via telephone, facsimile or Internet. We aim to provide quick response supply to our customers through 'just in time' manufacturing techniques.

We take great pride in the humanitarian contribution of the BfR Combat Boot and for every pair sold, we will contribute US$1 to charities working for the rehabilitation of victims of anti-personnel landmines. As Henry Ford famously remarked " a good company makes good products, at a good price and provides good service to its customers. A great company does all that and makes the world a better place"

With our boots, I believe, the next step you take will be made safer.

Yours Truly,
F K Lee
Chairman & CEO

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BfR Combat Boot Video Documentary by WorldBizWatch
BfR Combat Boot Documentary by WorldBizWatch

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