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7th October, 2004These boots were made for surviving landmines
The Straits Times
20th April, 2003A Combat Boot Created to Resist Land Mines
The New York Times
27th March, 2003CEO Call: Confidence in His Step
Far Eastern Economic Review
3rd November, 2002The Armed Forces will use armored boots (Google Translation From Spanish)
El Espectador
15th December, 2001Giving anti-personnel mines the boot
12th December, 2001Shock Martens
Beyond 2000
29th November, 2001Singapore factory making "anti-mine" combat boot
The China Post
27th November, 2001Factory rolls out anti-mine combat boots
Bangkok Post
26th November, 2001"Anti-mine" boots for sale
26th November, 2001HK BfR's Singapore unit makes mine-resistant combat boot
Dow Jones Newswires
22nd November, 2001Making the next step much safer
19th July, 2001Feet of Steel
South China Morning Post


23rd November, 2001BBC World Service


July 2003TVB
June 2003BTV
24th April, 2002CNN
18th March, 2002Channel NewsAsia
8th October, 1997BBC
28th August, 1997CNN

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BfR Combat Boot Video Documentary by WorldBizWatch
BfR Combat Boot Documentary by WorldBizWatch


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